Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) – Cafe Latte (Arpeggio Version)

This is the song that is currently on repeat on my iTunes causing it to be #1 on my 25 most played. Total count: 45. Okay, that’s not a lot. I know people who have songs that are played over 300 times, but I listen to a broad genre of music and it’s not possible for me. So, considering that this song is currently #1 just shows how much I love this song.

This is the arpeggio version of the song, so the regular version of Caffe Latte doesn’t have the sound of people bustling around the store talking, cups clinking, and it includes other instruments like Drums, Bass, and other instuments of the sorts. I prefer this version because sometimes I just want to listen to nice strumming on a guitar. If you like that as well, you’ll definitely enjoy this song.

SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어)- SPY Audio

I love this song. Seriously, I do. But there is only one thing to say. Bi-polar song is bi-polar. Stick to one thing Super Junior! Major or minor! This student who studies music for a living is mindblown that they can transition very well. They are professional singers, but people who don’t truly appreciate music just don’t understand…

Yozoh & Eric(Shinhwa)& Brown Classic – Nostalgia

Found this song while I was watching the Shinhwa broadcast on youtube. I absolutely love Shinhwa, well, I have a new found love for them. They’re just like Super Junior, in the immaturity way, but yet more mature. I don’t know, it’s just that vibe they give off that I truly love about them. Plus, I love Yozoh too. Her voice is very soothing and calming. She’s amazing; nothing less then that.
So enjoy this song!

Handsome People (핸섬피플) – Crazy

This song is more upbeat than the other K-Indie songs I have posted before. This is more of a rock feel than just a sweet guitar in the background. It’s totally rocking, and I really appreciate this group and their ideas. That includes the ladies with pink wigs in the back.

At 2:23 you’ll either be in for a shock of your life, or mentally scarred. It depends. Anyways, enjoy!


I know. I post K-Indie songs, for the music enhancing life of other people, but I couldn’t help it. MY FAVORITE BOY BAND HAS RELEASED A TEASER! I couldn’t be any happier. This might be the most detailed post I will ever write, until the actual music video comes out.

#1: The Spy theme is freaking amazing. They just combined my two obsessions. Super Junior as spies is like an SMTown concert everyday. Oh wait….

#2: The guns. I’m trying to think of all the k-pop MV’s I have seen that include guns, and unless they are plot oriented (like almost all of T-ara’s MV’s (Oh T-ara, I hope everything goes well)) there are no guns. Oh wait…2NE1 always has guns, but they’re being badass. Super Junior is being…suave and cool and the all look like sexy, free, and single gentlemen. I LOVE KANGIN’S AND SHINDONG’S GUNS THE MOST!!

#3:Leeteuk’s hair is…wow…Hold up. Didn’t he say that he hated that hairstyle? What was happening? Coordi Unnie wae?

#4: Kyuhyun has dyed his hair sexy black. I love it. No words can describe how much I love it. I mean, he IS my bias. I love everything he does. Okay. That’s a lie.

#5: Shindong is getting more and more attractive day by day and I hope SM knows it, because it’s true. He looks mature and that gives off a great vibe from off of him. Love it.

#6: Siwon. Oh sexy man. I knew he was going to be in the beginning of the teaser. I was bracing for the impact of his gaze, and trust me, all that bracing for impact was worthless. As soon as he came out I started giggling like a fangirl. Oh wait…I am a fangirl.

#7: Eunhyuk is in the center! For Sexy, Free, and Single all you saw was Donghae. It’s not like I was against it. Donghae was originally my bias, but Eunhyuk’s fedora was…umph…what is love. PLUS HE’S WEARING GLASSES. I swear, might as well say he’s blind.

#8:Yesung’s stare is too much for me to handle. There is always a member in a group that gives intense stares, and Yesung has to be the one.

#9: It official. Now, every time I see Kangin I feel like crying, and I’m smiling like an idiot. I’m just so happy.

#10: Sungmin is the next person who gives the deathly sexy stares. I think I’m going to take screen shots of him. Yup.

#11 Donghae is always cocking his head sideways…like..why? lol. I still love him. His hair is fantastical.

#12 Oh Ryeowook don’t make me laugh. Why do you have serious curls in your hair?