My sister’s AMAZING Logic…

On the TV a Kirby commercial came on, and because of the stereotypical world we live in my sister goes, “I used to think Kirby was a girl. How can something so cute, wearing pink be a boy?”

I couldn’t even believe she actually said that. All I said to respond to her was “Taemin.” She looked at me like I just decided to say Taemin’s name randomly…but no. Taemin is so cute.


“You’re a man if you wear pink,” as they say.


라디 – I’m In Love

THIS IS THE SONG! If you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably haven’t seen We Got Married – Khuntoria. Nickhun sang this for Victoria and it was the sweetest thing ever. Oh Nickhun, always trying to please his girl.
Actually, I wasn’t planning to post this song up. It was going to be another Urban Zapaka song ( I’ll do that later 😉 ), but I came across it on the youtube suggestions and when Ra.D started singing my face went ^-^
So yeah, here’s this song. It’s fantabulous.

This Is For You, Amy – Songs #-I

This is a list of K-pop/K-Indie music, that I am surprised that my friend Amy doesn’t (probably) know! (Sorry Amy, I needed to make a post, so I used your request to my advantage. Teehee!) Oh, there is some J-pop in here too.


4AM – IU
7 Years Of Love – Cho Kyuhyun
8282 – Davichi

A – Rainbow
Action – Block B
Aggressive – BoA

Bananas – G.NA
Be My Girl – Super Junior
Beautiful Day – Mad Soul Child
Black Flower – C.N.BLUE
Bump Bump! – BoA
Bye Bye – SS501

Club No.1 – Super Junior

Don’t Lie – S.M. The Ballad
Dream Boy – C.N.BLUE

Easy – B2ST

Fan – Epik High
A Fool’s Only Tear – Big Bang
Forever With You – Big Bang
Friendship – F.T. Island

The Grasshopper Song – Sunny Hill

Happy – DNPD
Happy Bubble – Super Junior
Here I Am – Secret Garden OST

I Am – SS501
I Am – Super Junior
I Belong To You – MBLAQ
I Don’t Know Why – C.N.BLUE
I Don’t Understand – U-Kiss
I Wanna Hold You – TVXQ!
Illa Illa – Juniel
In My Head – C.N.BLUE

David Choi – Lucky Guy

David Choi – Lucky Guy

This music video reduced me to tears. Leave it up to Wong Fu Production to make a heart wrenching story like this.

Side Note: WFP should make a music video for Super Junior. I’m telling you, it will be amazing…like the best k-pop MV known to mankind (my thoughts are so amazing it beats Gangnam Style everyday).

ANYWAYS! This song is about a guy who is leaving a girl he loves to another guy, because he accepts that she doesn’t love him like he loves her anymore. At the beginning you’ll see an old guy. It’s up to you to decide who he is during the music video, but at the end it will be very clear to you who he is. At least, I hope it’s clear to you. Heeeheeee…..awkward laugh.

Anyways, here’s a sexy photo of Wes to end this post the right way.