This is for all the people with the name EMILY

Dear Emily,
When you sit next to me please make sure that everyone that is calling your name pronouces it correctly, because seriously, I get confused especially since our names both start with the “AEEEE” sound and ends with the “LEEEE” sound.

Not only do I have a best friend named Emily, but I sit next to an Emily in one of school classes. It is extremely frustrating and embarassing  . When I think someone is calling my name, and I answer yes, and that person isn’t even talking to me is really awkward. Sometimes I feel like they do it on purpose to bother me, or maybe I’m just being paranoid. Anyways, people who have friends named Emily, PLEASE pronounce her name properly, or the person next to them with a name sounding similar, might think you are calling them.

This post is dedicated to that Emily in my class and her friends that call her from across the classroom. Please, actually pay attention to the teacher.


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