Oh Sandy, you’ve thrown me off balance.

Okay, let’s be honest here. I don’t regularly update, because I get occupied with things that are more important (lol what, I just spend my time listening to music and watching/rewatching dramas)  time consuming. But the whole month of November without posting anything is not entirely my fault. Actually I had so much free time during the month of October/November mainly because I didn’t have a necessity in my daily life for twelve days. ELECTRICITY. Yes, I was living for twelve days in a freezing house without any electricity and it was not fun. Trust me, I threw tantrums TWICE. Both of the times because I had no clue where my parents were and no way to contact them because our phones were all dead, and there was no way to charge them. Why didn’t I have electricity? Because I live in New York and I was hit by hurricane Sandy – badly. Now we’ve caught up, and you know why I’ve been un-active here. There was my semi-rant on living without electricity for over a week. There are still people in New York/New Jersey who still don’t have homes, so I thank God for giving me an opportunity to understand the lives of people who have nothing. It was a great insight, and I realize that I have much to be thankful for in life. 



Was stuck in my head for agesss! Thanks callmejagi!!!!