Curse all the fandoms!

got fandom?

got fandom?

If it  wasn’t quite obvious. I love taking photos and I am a huge fan of K-pop and K-Indie. Truthfully though, I’ve been restraining myself to post things from the other fandoms I belongs to. I’ve decided I must end that now. Maybe because if I do add all the fandoms that I am apart of on this little humble blog of mine, I would actually update this thing. Anways, get ready for a whole lot of more K-pop, more K-Indie, more photos and (drumroll please) the new edition of DOCTOR WHO, ELEMENTARY, BBC SHERLOCK, and KOREAN DRAMAS!

I hope you won’t hate me because I am deriving from my original purpose as a semi-mellow blog. Things are going to get quite crazy soon. BRACE FOR IMPACT!


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