Clazziqaui Project (클래지콰이) – Sweetest Name

I love this song, A LOT, but the lyrics which are partiality in English make me extremely confused.


like read it.

Don’t you wanna be free Tell you lie
Don’t, don’t know you damn right


No no no wish think of someone else


I wish I could even comprehend what they were trying to convey through this onslaught of Engrish. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did say I love this song, I just wasn’t expecting all the Engrish to come crashing down on me when I first heard it.

Engrish has become such a terrible influence on my life and it really shouldn’t be. I find so much joy and happiness listening to it and that is just NOT NORMAL. I usually cringe on the inside when someone uses terrible grammar, but when it comes to Korean or in fact any Asian music which just throws “English” words in there for the hell of it, I find enjoyment.

Why? I have no idea.

Oh well. Enjoy the song.


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